We live in a fast-paced society, and we’ve come to rely heavily on technology that provides us with access to millions of answers at our fingertips, in seconds.

These algorithms make us more productive, smarter, and most importantly - happier. Algorithms impact the posts you see on your social media feeds, the songs you hear on your online music subscriptions, and yes, they even help you find that special someone to Netflix and chill with.

Now, Beeya is revolutionizing the job search with its exclusive algorithm.

Why? While we are light speed ahead of the days of searching the newspaper classified ads for jobs, online job searches are still very generic, very impersonal, and very frustrating.

Beeya changes that. Beeya’s algorithm dives deeper into positions and companies that are a perfect match for you. Using your personal data, Beeya creates 198 match points with employers and jobs. Like a dating algorithm, Beeya takes what you are most looking for in jobs, and matches them to your personality. Once it has found jobs that are the perfect fit, it connects you directly to the hiring manager.

No more applications. No more unanswered emails. No more headaches.

Best of all, Beeya is free. Get started with your free profile and watch the matches arrive at your inbox.