The end is near. Finally, after all the long nights of studying, you can walk with your head held high. Finally, after all those headaches, you can say you did it! Then the fear sets in. “What am I going to do with my life after graduation?” The stress begins to set in again, however, it’s no longer homework stress, it’s the pressure to get the right job, the pressure to pay off your student loans. “Am I going to make enough money to live?” These are some of the questions that run through the mind of the future graduate.

Like little children, one must pass through these milestones of life. Graduation is one of many milestones to overcome, but is it the fear of graduation or the fear of change? Everything leading up to this point, has prepared you for this moment. There are so many resources right at your fingertips, so many different career paths to choose from. It’s important to have a plan in place after graduation, this way you’re ready to face the career world head on! Here are some steps to consider:


While some might think too much emphasis is placed on one resume, this is considered your first impression in the career world. This is your time to spice it up the way you want it, and make your personality shine through. What makes you unique? What special skills do you possess? If you were the one looking at a resume, what would catch your attention?

You’re not alone in this process, because there are resources out there such as Beeya, to help you each step of the way. We can take your skills and match you with the best career. Beeya takes the bias out of job searching and our mission is to find you a job based off merit alone, not your gender, race, or socioeconomic background.


Many employers use Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to get an idea of who you are and what type of person they might be hiring. It’s important to take a look at your personal brand and think of yourself as a commercial. Are you advertising your personal brand in the way you want to be represented to the outside world? Adding a link to your LinkedIn profile, on your resume can give employers more information regarding your background and the experience you have under your belt. Use these platforms to your benefit.


Beeya has you covered. Applying online has become the new normal, whether or not you have a college degree, 25 years of experience, or a JD after your name. Employers are flooded with resumes, overwhelming them to the point where many stop evaluating candidates based on merit and depending entirely on referrals, but who does this leave out? Everyone who doesn’t come from privilege or prestige, or have the benefit of a large network of business contacts.

Beeya.com is designed to fight this problem. Beeya saves you time by giving you access to job listings gathered from many different sites, including Zip Recruiter, Adzuna, Startwire, and 16 others, representing over 11 million listings. That’s just the start! By sharing your resume with Beeya, job seekers can experience the benefits of it’s proprietary matching algorithm, which pairs job seekers with the jobs best suited for you, regardless of your background, gender, education, or other traits. Our search engine is powered by mathematical algorithms, not key words. We input your skills and experiences matching you with serious jobs = your long-term happiness!

While graduation is but the fist stepping stone to the beginning of the rest of your life, don’t let fear get in the way. Nothing feels like work if you’re doing what you love. The application process can be enjoyable, and before you know it, you’ll have so many jobs to choose from! Let yourself get excited because this is what you’ve been working toward. All these countless hours have led you to this moment. What scares you about graduation? We want to hear your stories!

– Written By Dominique Castellon

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