Resume Keywords and Optimization Tips for the Jobs You Really Want

As you may already know (since you are here on our blog) you’ve landed on a job search site that uses advanced technology such as AI and algorithms to match you with optimal job listings based on the skills and experience you’ve laid out in your resume. As with our website, optimizing your resume with important keywords and phrases can help you stand out to hiring managers amongst the competition. 

The facts are the average time a hiring manager spends looking at a potential candidate’s resume is about 6 seconds. Online job listings usually have between 100 and 250 applicants on average. If your resume isn’t chock full of the most important and relevant keywords for your skills and experience, there’s a chance your application may get moved to the bottom of the pile.

So, how do you make the best use of your resume keywords? Open up your resume and let’s get to optimizing.

Organizing your Resume

Since you have a short amount of time to stand out to a hiring manager, the length and the organization of your resume are more crucial than many think. Resumes are meant to be a succinct and easily digestible summary of your career skills and experience. You don’t want to dump a whole lot of information into your resume, that’s more suited for your portfolio or cover letter, and you want to aim for your resume to stay under two pages. 

Now, you want to break apart your resume into chunks with headers organizing what each section is about. Remember, you have precious time to make yourself stand out, so it is advised that you open your resume with a brief professional summary followed by a bulleted list of your key skills. 

Next, you want to provide information about your career experience. Depending on how relevant your past jobs are to the listing you’re applying to, you want to go back at least 5 years. Under each entry, provide a few bullets on your key responsibilities and accomplishments during your time there. Close it out with your education history, and any official certifications or accreditations you’ve earned. 

Identifying & Incorporating the Best Resume Keywords

Did you know that the use of keywords, phrases, and lingo in your resume can give you a 30% boost over the competition? You may be wondering, though, what are the optimal resume keywords for your skills. Well, it all begins with searching for your ideal job first.

Take a close look at the job requirements on each listing. If your skills match with the listing requirements, you want to ensure that you have those skills highlighted in your resume so it stands out. Then take that keyword and add some context. Did you help lower costs? Put by what percentage. Broke a sales record? Tell them exactly how much you earned as a star sales representative. Including objective achievements along with your keywords can give you an extra hireablity boost of about 23%.

Now that you have the facts and some direction, you can start optimizing your resume for the job you want today. Luckily, you are already at the right place to find the job listings that match your skills and experience. Sign up for a free Beeya profile, upload your optimized resume, and let our AI-driven algorithm sort through the millions of job listings for you. Good luck, and happy job hunting to you!

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